Sol Transformation + 8 Weeks To Be - 3 monthly payments

Sol Transformation + 8 Weeks To Be - 3 monthly payments

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This includes Sol Transformation (Sol Purpose, Sol Health, and Sol Guidance) from Sol Journey+ 8 Weeks To Be  from To Be Legacy - Sold Separately, priced at  $4,553.00

Welcome to the Sol Transformation Journey! Experience a life-altering journey of self-discovery and personal growth with Sol Journey and 8 Weeks To Be from To Be Legacy. By taking action on this transformative material, you'll unlock a fuller, more meaningful life that aligns with your desires.

Sol Journey combines various disciplines, including natural law, depth psychology, quantum mechanics, Socratic processing, and universal spirituality, to help you connect with your inner desires and live life to its fullest. Gain awareness and embark on a transformational path, such as the midlife journey, that leads to profound change.

Let's explore the individual components of the Sol Transformation bundle:

Sol Purpose ($444)

Discover what you truly want to experience, how you want to serve others, and how you want to play. By understanding your purpose, you'll live each day with increased self-discovery and awareness, bringing more fulfillment to your life.

Sol Health ($888)

Elevate your energy, intention, reason, and creativity by experiencing holistic health in your body, mind, and soul. As you align with your true essence, you'll embark on an exciting new way of living, with a literal change in your frequency. Unlock your body and psyche's potential with the help of epigenetics and by gaining a clearer understanding of how they can work more effectively and in your favor.

Sol Guidance ($2,222)

Tap into the wisdom of centuries, drawing from myths, metaphors, and the knowledge of leading thinkers and sages. Experience the transformative power of accessing this wellspring of wisdom, as it has been used throughout history to create miracles. With Sol Guidance, you'll gain a profound depth of understanding and access to the unseen world, enabling you to transform your own life and positively impact those around you.

Sol Transformation ($3,554 - Includes Sol Purpose, Sol Health, & Sol Guidance)

Get the full experience of having a clear purpose and meaning in everything you do as you attune your body, mind, and soul to greater potentialities (frequencies). Then experience magic/miracles and depth of understanding with Sol Guidance, as you receive more awareness from the unconscious mind/unseen world.

8 Weeks To Be ($999)

8 weeks To Be daily conditioning program (15 to 20 minutes), plus eight 1hr. weekly group coaching calls (on Zoom) with Jonathan Rhoades.

To Be Legacy™ 8-Weeks To Be Program Curriculum 

Weeks 1 - 3   Are focused on belief in self and how that manifests in life

Week 1 - Deep dive into The Journey of Growth. Learning the power of vision and how to use this tool to create more success, confidence, and intrinsic motivation. Having the courage to make and follow through on proactive decisions. 

Week 2 - Gaining the tools of awareness, understanding internal and external motivations as well as learning the skills of alignment and redirection and how that can bring desired results in all aspects of life.  

Week 3 - Learn the indicators of state of being including physiology, self-talk, and focus. How positive and negative energy and stories manifest in the state of being, including physical health.  

Weeks 4 - 6   Uncover your inherent value, true identity, and potential

Week 4 - The Duality of Humanity Formula will be explored and you will learn how to operate from the mindset of solution instead of problem. You will gain the skills to effectively and reliably make a change to a solution mindset.  

Week 5 - Rediscovering your infinite value as well as uncovering sabotaging beliefs; making you more effective and reliable in everything you do. You will learn how your current state impacts your beliefs, relationships, health, and finances.  

Week 6 - Personal fulfillment, intrinsic motivation, and how to proactively engage in more purpose-driven movement with clarity of priority so you can live in more joy, peace, and flow. 

Weeks 7  - 8   Discover how to have lasting happiness and growth

Week 7 - Learn the Three Keys to discovering how to have success. Now that you have the foundation of belief from the previous 6 weeks you can more easily identify aligned strategies to reach your goals. 

Week 8 - Focus on celebrating how far you have come over the last eight weeks in your personal life, your professional life, and in your relationships. Remembering your commitment to a lifetime of positive growth and progress and appreciating the synchronicities of life.

When you bundle the Guided Journeys of Sol Transformation

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