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Most people would say they know why they buy, however, we all make purchases unexpectedly on items and services we weren't aware of not long ago.

Men (people) are rarely aware of the real reasons which motivate their actions.”
― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

Edward Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and is known as the father of public relations. He called it “engineering consent”, which is basically manipulation of the subconscious mind. An example of this manipulation was his campaigns for the American Tobacco Company with ads like, “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”, to encourage women to smoke cigarettes.

Bernays is an interesting study for his marketing genius to connect audiences to products, however, psychologists Maslow and Jung uncovered the desire we all have within our subconscious to self-actualize and individuate. By appealing to higher ideals, we can still persuade for that which is in your target audiences’ best interest.

So, what are the real reasons that motivate your audience to buy?

Today's marketing thought leaders like Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, and Eugene Schwartz suggest we don't focus on our product or service, and instead on relationships and our brand's why.

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic."
— Seth Godin

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe
- Simon Sinek

Having superior products and providing services that go beyond what's currently available gives you the competitive advantage, however, this one valuable edge doesn't guarantee success.

As brands, we must relate to our audience's nature, even beyond the conscious level to help them discover why they want or need you.

Your brand messaging will want to connect to the customer's higher ideal, tap into their hopes and fears that trigger emotions of excitement or anxiety, and lastly appeal to their logic with the benefits.

Aristotle also pondered human nature. In order to improve compelling communication, he taught the Three Persuasive Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, or Credibility/Authority, Emotions, and Logic.

BeNatural Media provides content marketing that engages and builds trust with your target audience to increase conversions. We also provide marketing consulting to improve the customer experience when interacting with your brand.

Pathos, Ethos, Logos

Schedule A Discovery Call with a BeNatural Media Holistic Marketing Consultant Today.

Schedule a discovery call with a BeNatural Media Holistic Marketing Consultant Today.

What Is Holistic Marketing?

A holistic marketing strategy is comprised of Internal Marketing (complete team buy-in of mission and values), Integrated Marketing (how each person contributes to the customer's journey), Relationship Marketing (value and engage individual customers), and Socially Responsible Marketing (connect with a higher purpose).

The holistic marketing approach has been used by companies like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, Yum! Brands and countless others.

BeNatural Media is a holistic marketing, branding, and consulting agency that helps brands focus on promoting your company's vision and mission, to increase value to their customers and generate more sales.

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