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Are you looking for a proven marketing strategy that increases sales and ROI?

Do you want to improve your marketing strategy to build brand loyalty and the lifetime customer value?

At BeNatural Marketing our focus is your customers' journey. We use behavioral psychology to interrupt the target audience's thinking and convert them to customers.

Get the most out of your marketing budget today with our marketing consulting and services.

Holistic Marketing - Inbound Content Relationship Marketing

Inbound content relationship marketing is a part of the holistic marketing strategy that builds trust and loyalty with customers by delivering the right content at the right time.

The content on your website creates the foundation for all your other marketing activities. We'll help you build out your marketing strategy and implement the most effective content to improve KPIs and ROI.

Because all social media channels are referred to as rented space, you want to bring your target audience to your website frequently. The more people engage with your content on your website, the more likely they will be customers, become repeat buyers and brand advocates.

The quality of content is critical. It must be relevant, informative, and interesting. Each service includes consultation with you and/or your team to ensure the content is the right content and is engaging, which will lead people to do business with you.

We also include custom visual graphics for you to use on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A study shows that when people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retain 65% of the information three days later. (Brain Rules)

We'll also create email campaigns to reach out to current clients and those who have expressed interest in your brand.

Although the content packages listed below can be purchased only one time, they are meant to be a continuous part of your marketing strategy. By subscribing, you'll have content that continues to educate your target audience and social media assets to direct them to your website.

If you’re wondering which option is best for you or if you have other questions, schedule a call here

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" BeNatural Marketing increased our e-commerce sales by 10x in less than two years, while increasing our turns on store shelves. "- Nick Stern, Co-Founder Sunwarrior

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a critical component of any marketing plan. But we start with the website and we work up to the social media channels. Our first priority for content is to make sure it is engaging and delivers value to your target audience.

We all know the adage, content is king, so how can we focus the content to promote sales of your products and services?

We use behavioral psychology in marketing messages to uncover deeper motivations that will help your target audience avoid pain, create desire, and solve a problem that leads them to your products and services.

Our first priority for the content is to make sure it is engaging and delivers value to your target audience.

We write your content to include onsite SEO, including LSI (latent semantic indexing), which are other words and phrases searchers type in when looking for the given topic.

Not only can this content be used for your marketing efforts, but this content is also meant to be used by your sales team to help customers progress in the sales process.

The articles can be used in email flows (drip campaigns) to educate prospective customers, or your salespeople can select specific articles to help answer the prospects’ questions.

Once you have high-quality, engaging content and SEO strategies in place, it's time to get creative with sharing that content across all platforms. We use custom visual images that fit your brand aesthetic to increase engagement and time-on-page that can also be used on your social media channels to increase your inbound marketing efforts.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that includes all marketing efforts that bring visitors to your website. The strategy revolves around the customer journey and includes these five steps:

  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Subscription
  4. Convert
  5. Nurture

As we analyze each of the KPIs, we look for opportunities to increase engagement and place calls to action to provide increased ROI.

One example we use is we look at your most visited pages and identify opportunities to get the reader to opt-in to a subscription, provide them with next step content that leads them closer to a purchase, and/or add a call to action for those who are ready to buy now.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a time-proven strategy that helps customers and prospects trust your brand, buy into your vision, and seek your solutions to solve their problems or help them reach their objectives.

Your content on social media, your website, and your emails broadcast your brand’s voice. By providing easy ways for your customers to communicate with you through forums, polls, and online chat, you are able to better serve them and help prospects see why they want to do business with your brand.

When customers feel a connection with your brand because your content resonates with them and provides them value, the relationship and their loyalty become stronger. Because your content marketing strategy is relationship marketing focused, you’ll create raving fans who will promote your brand.

Content Marketing Services


If your site is new or isn’t getting the traffic you envisioned, this package is a great one to start to increase your inbound marketing strategy.

Includes 30-Minute Marketing Consultation.

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If your brand is fairly new but you’re already growing sales, this package will help you connect and attract repeat buyers, increase average order values, and improve your relationship with your customers.

Includes 30-Minute Marketing Consultation.

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If you’re ready to experience a new growth phase and engage your target audience and existing customers more regularly as well as establish your brand as the expert, this package is for you.

Includes 30-Minute Marketing Consultation.

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If you’ve already established your brand as the expert and have connected with your core audience, this package will help your business reach new segments and build loyalty.

Includes 30-Minute Marketing Consultation.

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Improve Organic Traffic With Inbound Links

Inbound links are still a viable signal to search engine algorithms that your content is relevant and authoritative.

By creating content on sites that are already indexed by Google, and with a domain rank of 15+, you’ll increase your opportunity to rank for the specific keywords that will increase relevant inbound traffic.

Starting with engaging, structured SEO content on your website sets the foundation for offsite opportunities.

Offsite SEO Services

5 Do-Follow Backlinks:

Get five Inbound links from currently indexed content by Google from a blog that has an average DA (Domain Authority) of 15 to 35+.

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10 Do-Follow Backlinks:

Get ten Inbound links from currently indexed content by Google from a blog that has an average DA (Domain Authority) of 15 to 35+.

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Do You Need A New Website Or Website Refresh?

Shopify Website:

This service includes a Home page, About Us page, an optional E-Commerce shop/store with upto 15 products as well as a Blog. SEO Optimization is also included.

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Wordpress Website:

This service includes a Home page, About Us page, an optional E-Commerce shop/store with upto 15 products as well as a Blog. SEO Optimization is also included.

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If this is a new website, be sure to include one of our Content Marketing Solutions to provide the content to market your brand message and increase sales.

Additional Marketing Services

If you are requiring additional services for your Website, SEO Optimization or Marketing Campaigns, you can find them all below.

Custom Marketing Services:

Our Custom Marketing Services include: Social Media Posting, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Google/YouTube Advertising, Bing Ads, SEO & Site Speed, and Email Flows.

Schedule a Consultation to discuss how our Custom Marketing Services can drive sales and increase conversions.

Marketing Consulting:

We've provided proven marketing strategies, services, and results to clients since 2009

Schedule a Consultation to discuss how our Marketing Consulting can turn your business around.

Marketing Videos:

Use video to tell stories and promote your brand, products and services. Landing page videos can increase conversions by 80%, Research on the inclusion of Product Videos has shown that viewers are 1.8x more likely to buy that product after watching the product/demo video, compared to products with no video andOn average, viewers spend 2.6x longer on pages with video.

Schedule a Consultation to discuss how our Content Marketing Videos can change your business.

Improve The User Experience With On-Site SEO / Site Speed

Pages that load slowly, have no images or broken images, or have too small text, will have people bouncing quickly to find another, better experience.

Pages that aren’t structured properly or lack enough relevant content to be indexed by search engines will prevent your opportunity to generate organic traffic.

Organic traffic is critical to your business growth for the following reasons:

  1. It’s free. If your page continues to rank high and your content is consumable and engaging, prompting actions on your site, you can maintain and enjoy the benefits of this traffic.
  2. It’s targeted. You are attracting people to your website who are seeking solutions you provide, or you are providing value to your targeted audience that strengthens your brand in their minds.
  3. It adds credibility to your brand. When your content ranks for several related topics in search results, your brand will stand out as the authority and expert resource.

Marketing & SEO Audit:

A holistic marketing brand audit will provide you with the foundational steps to increase your website sales performance and grow your brand in other channels as well.

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