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Where Is Your Business In Its Corporate Life Cycle?

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The Business LifeCycle

Of the 30% that survive in year 10, how many companies are thriving?

The $64,000 (or more realistically the $1,000,000) question is why. Why do so many businesses fail, even after many achieve decent success?

All businesses go through a life cycle, whether they are aware of it or not.

Each phase of the corporate life cycle requires different leadership styles and different processes.

What phase is your business currently in?

With a brand audit, you'll clearly see which stage you're in or which stages you're straddling. And because you'll have this clear insight, you'll be able to adapt, either to continue to grow or start a new growth cycle.

Will your company benefit from a brand audit?

What Our Clients Say

BeNatural Marketing added incredible value to our company. Together, we increased e-commerce sales by 10X in less than three years.

The previous two years we experienced a decline in sales of $5 million and $2 million respectively. With BeNatural Marketing's holistic marketing approach, we were able to rebound to reach our highest revenue to date in our 13 years of being in business.

BeNatural Marketing met regularly with my partner and me to discuss strategy, culture, campaigns, growing the brand, and increasing sales. They also sat in on executive strategy/tactical and R&D meetings to provide insight and counsel. They created a new vision and mission and integrated them into a new strategy.

BeNatural Marketing helped grow our brand by listening to my vision and my partner's vision and implementing our common objectives, which was to connect directly with our customers to provide them an amazing experience.

Ernie accurately understood our vision and implemented it by identifying and connected with our core audience with valuable and timely content.

Ernie isn't a yes man. He shared his insights without hesitation, with passion and focus on our customers and the growth of the brand.

BeNatural Marketing provided full-service holistic marketing, branding, and consulting services to our company.

I recommend them to any business that wants to scale and increase profits.

— Nick S.

A holistic marketing brand audit will provide you with the foundational steps to increase your website sales performance and grow your brand in other channels as well.

A brand audit will identify which of the following KPIs you'll want to execute first to make the biggest impact:

  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. Opt-ins
  4. Conversion Rate
  5. Average Order Value
  6. Return Customer Rate

Are you wondering where to start? The critical first step may not be the one you're thinking.

Will your brand benefit from a Brand Audit?

✅ Have your sales have been stagnant?

✅ Have you launched any new products in the last 12 months?

✅ Has your growth has been less than 20% per year?

✅ Did sales drop in 2020?

✅ Have sales have dropped in 2021?

✅ Are you seeing increased success on Amazon?

✅ Are you not sure where to start?

If you're interested in growing your brand, a brand audit and consultation will help you know what priority to focus on first to achieve 2x website sales in 90 days and work to grow your company 5x to 10x in 3 years.

A Brand Audit from BeNatural Marketing will take a take a holistic view of your business. A holistic marketing approach is the same strategy followed by leading companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, Yum! Brands, Nike, and other top brands.

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